1: why Ghost In The Shell movie sucks and rocks at the same time and how it is related to singularity (movies, Artificial Intelligence, singularity)
2: the long history of BS by Apple Inc (Apple, iPhone, Macs)
3: Fermi Paradox is BS because of singularity (aliens, singularity, Artificial Intelligence)
4: meet podcastoro = pomodoro reloaded (podcasting, life advice)
5: memory lane of podcasting (podcasting)
6: Weight Loss myth number one busted (diets, health, obesity)
7: Alien Covenant movie dispels the myth that future Artificial Intelligence will be mankind-friendly (movies, aliens)
8: Doctor Who meets simulation hypothesis (aliens, simulation)
9: why fasting is good explained with fridge and freezer analogy (diets, health, obesity)
10: First we take Java, then we take Kotlin (Android, Java, Kotlin)
11: Podcaster Pro - hardware for Podcasters (podcasting, gadgets)
12: the Chris Lattner question (Apple, Swift, Tesla)
13: wake up call (life advice, frogs)
14: how to recognize mentally retarded broadcasters / podcasters (Amazon Alexa, broadcasting, podcasting)
15: Apple analytics of podcasts will kill advertising in many podcasts like asteroids killed dinosaurs (podcasting, Apple)
16: stupid podcasters: reading aloud (podcasting)
17: stupid podcasters: wrong lingo (podcasting)
18: human extinction (singularity, mankind, millenials)
19: keyboard of macbook (Apple, fanboyism)
20: Apple in panic over issues with upcoming iPhone (Apple, iPhone)
21: life is short (life advice)
22: Wacom tablet superiority insularity (Wacom, iPad, cartooning)
23: money can't buy everything (money, health, life advice, diet)
24: I podcast therefore I am (podcasting)
25: googler with small g (work, Google)
26: iOS purist (Apple, podcasting)
27: the doubters of Elon Musk (Elon Musk, Artificial Intelligence, podcasting)
28: old(er) people and sentient robots (old age, Artificial Intelligence, robots)
29: seeker (Main Stream Media)
30: Steve iPhone moment of Elon Musk ? (iPhone, Elon Musk,Tesla, neuralink)
31: old people and learning (learning, old age)
32: firing (Trump)
33: short history of the future of Artificial Intelligence (singularity, Artificial Intelligence)
34: rat dreams (rats, aliens)
35: kiss or fail! (life advice, simplicity)
36: ratarity - rat (robots, rats, singularity)
37: secret of cuteness (tree huggers, snowflakes)
38: Apple security calamity (Information Security, Apple)
39: Augmented Reality killer app (Augmented Reality)
40: certain millennial from USA (millenials, tree huggers, snowflakes)
41: sentient (Artificial Intelligence, singularity)
42: horse and buggy (cars, Artificial Intelligence)
43: simulation (simulation, aliens)
44: Apple car (Apple, inventiveness, cars)
45: Taylor Swift Album Drops (Swift)
46: iSheep -mas (Apple, iPhone, fanboyism)
47: posh boy plunge (iPhone, Apple)
48: copybot (Apple, Android, Augmented Reality)
49: sad day (dogs, Twitter)
50: monetization altercation (Wacom, cartooning)
51: Siri (dogs, Siri, Apple, voice assistants)
52: the notch is coming (Appe, iPhone)
53: everything is relative so shut up (dogs, aliens)
54: iPhone X - the notch coverup (dogs, Apple, iPhone)
55: monkey question (monkeys, apes)
56: Equifax (Information Technology, Information Security)
57: my face in cyberspace (Internet, addiction)
58: rat art digger (dogs, rats)
59: Face ID security unsurety (Apple, iPhone, Face ID)
60: Apple iPhone leakage (Apple, iPhone)
61: what comes after robots and AI ? (Artificial Intelligences, singularity, robots)
62: self-driving future question (cars, Artificial Intelligence)
63: normality (live advice, flowers)
64: Do Androids Dream of Apple Sheep? (Apple, movies, Blade Runner, iPhone, Android)
65: food tweeting (dogs, Twitter, food)
66: Pomeranian elephant delusion (dogs, elephants, DNA, mind)
67: iOS 11 the doodling booster (iPad, Apple)
68: brave new I.T. world (Machine Learning, Data Science, Information Technology)
69: Quote Justice Warrior (Twitter, dogs, birds, Social Justice Warrior)
70: lies, damned lies, and polar bears (climate change, global warming)
71: the story about bulls and rice cooking (talk, life advice)
72: apes r us (apes, animals, mankind)
73: experiences is all you have (experiences, life advice)
74: what you can learn from turkey about customer relationship management / CRM (success)
75: amygdala (meditation, amygdala)
76: red dot -holes (Apple Watch, Apple)
77: podcasting (podcasting)
78: swift (Swift, Apple)
79: divided (robots, Artificial Intelligence, singularity)
80: poison (diet, food)
81: underwater (misunderstanding, mortgage)
82: long (mouse, rat, point of view)
83: shy (foreplay)
84: sword (sigularity, robots, Star Wars)
85: crooked (dogs)
86: screech (cars)
87: furious (Amazon Alexa, Siri, HomePod)
88: deep (jokes, fishes)
89: filthy (thoughts)
90: graceful (money, clothing)
91: fat (obesity, fat)
92: cloud (Internet of Things, Quantum Computing)
93: trail (trail, life advice)
94: blind (eyes, majestic)
95: juicy (blackcurrant)
96: ship (partnership, business)
97: fall (fall, parachute)
98: climb (learning, knowledge)
99: mankind (mankind, unity)
100: mask (mask)
101: found (luck, cats)
102: podcasting (podcasting, marriage)
103: fan art, bad heart (cartooning, Garfield, Super Mario)
104: cyberspace in your face, singularity soon calamity (Amazon Alexa, singularity, Artificial Intelligence)
105: subset (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence)
106: road to AI (Machine Learning, Apple, iPhone)
107: Taylor Swift (Swift)
108: Tech Grouch confuses classic algorithms with a Machine Learning models (Amazon Alexa, Machine Learning)
109: Batman's superpower (batman, superpowers, rich)
110: Tech Grouch destroys forest (iPad, newspapers, forest)
111: no Artificial Intelligence heaven for doubting rats (robots, Artificial Intelligence, rats)
112: cartoon wars (Dilbert, Garfield, cartooning)
113: Justice League spoilers (movies, Justice League, Batman)
114: Paradise Papers (finance, fat cats, tax heavens)
115: Tech Grouch on Face ID (Apple, Face ID, ugliness)
116: no followers for sad dog (Twitter, unfollowing)
117: awww red squirrel! and: ewww U (brexit, EU, UK, squirrel)
118: Microsoft - making pigs fly (Microsoft, Linux, Maria DB, MySQL)
119: why is iPhone X so narrow and so long? Because dachshund ! (iPhone X, Apple)
120: Artificial Intelligence beauty contest (smart speakers, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri, HomePod)
121: bitcoin gold rush continues as bitcoin reaches $10,000 (bitcoin, cryptocurrency)
122: podcasting and Skype (Skype, podcasting)
123: Make Christmas Great Again (MAGA, Christmas, Xmas, red hat)
124: don't Alexa my Siri , petrolhead ! (Siri, Alexa, petrolhead, smart speakers)
125: flying pig (Trump, brexit)
126: switching to Windows (Mac, PC, Windows)
127: why commies love Android? (Android, commies, comunism)
128: CRISPR DNA gene editing (DNA, CRISPR, genetic engineering)
129: online media apocalypse remedy? corporate job! (handsome, beauty, journalism, bloggers)
130: cryptocurrency clone wars ( btc bch hodl ) (bitcoin, cryptocurrency, HODL)
131: bitcoin is crashing now (bitcoin, cryptocurrency)
132: difference between Programming and Machine Learning (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence)
133: why R and Python are 2 main languages of Machine Learning ? (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, R, Python)
134: Higgs bozo (Higgs Boson, Bozo)
135: 2018 optimism (Dilbert, cats, cartooning)
136: Machine Learning tree metaphor (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence)
137: smart (Alexa, smart speakers)
138: snowflakes melting in deep freeze (global warming, climate change)
139: why birds? (birds, drawing)
140: bitcoin bragging (bitcoin, cryptocurrency)
141: Intel on spectre and meltdown (Intel, info security)
142: fridge with Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things)
143: brexit cake (Brexit, cakeism, EU)
144: Nick the Rat has twitter-blocked me (Twitter, blocking, unfollowing)
145: no friends for uggos (beauty, looks, friendship)
146: slaves in kingly clothing (Internet, reality, bullshit)
147: podcasting seeding, Apple Inc unheeding, reloaded (podcasting, podcast directory)
148: Are YOU a pig in human clothing? (pig, eating, excercising)
149: YouTube, the truth lube (YouTube, correctness)
150: leaving Twitter (Twitter, bloggers, podcasters)
151: a slave to the iPhone (Android, iPhone, iMessage)
152: reciprocity necessity (respect, reciprocity)
153: screw the critics! Mastodon is awesome (Mastodon, Twitter, tweets, toots)
154: do not shadow-ban me, bro! (Twitter, shadow-banning)
155: smoker scum (smoking, smokers)
156: Android sucks (Android, iPhone, iOS)
157: the purge (journalism, Trump)
158: how to piss off an Englishman (Brexit, cakeism, cherrypicking)
159: HDR = Highly Deceptive Reviews (iPhone, iPhone Xs, Apple, bloggers, journalists)
160: Apple Watch the horologic botch (Apple Watch, iWatch, TV)
161: bot put-down (Twitter, bots)
162: brain-hugger (neuralink, smart speakers, Amazon Alexa, Artificial Intelligence, Amazon Echo)
163: the death of online journalism, podcasting next? (journalism, podcasting)
164: well-rounded individual (obesity, fat)
165: fart computing (cloud computing)
166: Brexit Doctor Who (Doctor Who, Brexit, EU)
167: ultimate security clarity (gadgets, property, real estate)
168: superficiality reality (superficial, beauty, beautiful, handsome, job market)
169: money lie (money)
170: are all creators creative? (creators, creator, YouTube)
171: cultural gravity negativity (Dilbert, cultural gravity, success, failure, cartooning)
172: big hairy (goals, redneck, rednecks)
173: good boy (dogs, dog, identity)
174: midterm 2018 elections objections (USA elections, Democrats, Republicans)
175: Election Day hearsay (USA elections)
176: how Apple Inc destroys journalistic integrity (Apple, gadget reviews, journalism, integrity)
177: blue pill yearning (Brexit, Trump, Matrix)
178: podcasting everlasting (podcasting, podcasters)
179: Apple scam sham flimflam (Apple)
180: donn not count on hope, act, be proactive! (Dave Ramsey, hope)
181: leadership quip (leadership, cats)
182: it is a trap (Brexit)
183: industrial revolution destitution (Artificial Intelligence, robots,job market)
184: bad karma of big pharma (big pharma, corruption)
185: creativity vs robots (creativity, Artificial Intelligence, robots)
186: bacon denier (vegans, veganism, bacon, money)
187: what is a real job ? (influencers, instagram, insta)
188: what brexit really means (brexit, elites, poverty, peoples vote)
189: drone zone (drones, drone, aliens)
190: 2 poles (TWiT, Dvorak, Festivus)
191: gender offender (sexist)
192: bendgate 2018 - Apple screws up customers again (iPad, Apple, bendgate)
193: unreadable algos (algorithms, Machine Learning, Artificial Inteligence, Knuth)
194: selfie cat-a-strophy (cats, cat, selfies)
195: resist we matrix, we must, and be committed (determinism,AI,VR,movies)
196: prime minister Jeremy Corbyn (brexit, Corbyn, Trump)
197: Russian hypersonic sardonic (Russia, World War 3, army)
198: go Podcasting! (podcast, podcasting)
199: creator's dilemma : virtue signaling wokeness (woke,Political Correctness)
200: why China has landed on the far side of the moon? (China,moon)
201: empath wrath (friendship,empathy)
202: proof that machine learning is what won brexit (brexit,Machine Learning,Cummings,HBO)
203: monetization illation (podcasting)
204: Brexit The Uncivil War (brexit, Black Mirror)
205: wedding sledding (wedding, friendship)
206: IE pain (IE, Internet Explorer)
207: concise Windows advice (Microsoft,Windows)
208: Gillette epithet (Political Correctness)
209: How to get a job in future job market? (singularity,AI,automation)
210: EU freedom of movement no more - for Brits (Brexit, EU freedom of movement, immigration, migration)
211: likelihood of confusion (Raspberry Pi, Pi-Hole)
212: How pigs in human clothing try to prevail against loathing (pigs, discrimination, prejudice)
213: by AdSense rejected, one can feel dejected (Google AdSense, monetization, banners)
214: hypothesis simulation degradation (simulation, tired, sleepy)
215: vinegar book (ideas, creativity, productivity)
216: keep calm and cliff-edge Brexit! (brexit, EU)
217: podcasting gold rush (podcasting, Spotify, selling out)
218: definetely not a racist, maybe mosaicist (racist, racism, Brexit, EU)
219: being like Steve Jobs (Apple, Steve Jobs, blogging)
220: mind unfeigned (mind, opinions)
221: valid excuse for smartphone overuse (smartphones, addiction)
222: entrepreneurship advice a bit imprecise (entrepreneurship, business)
223: Alita haters too stupid to get anime and manga illustrators (anime, manga)
224: when life gives you lemons, make CNN = Citron News Network (lemon, CNN)
225: book hater but good debater (books, videos)
226: how to win artwork competition: have fun! (art, fun, passion)
227: only douchebag men tell women to smile (women, feminism)
228: persuasion dissuasion (persuasion, manipulation)
229: Podcasters to unionize, Podcasting companies to economize? (podcasting, podcasters)
230: in the groove to moo-ve (cows, dogs)
231: WHY to create anything? (creativity, creators, purpose of life)
232: neural network architectures (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning)
233: with help of TensorFlow , Google will Skynet On us bestow (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, SkyNet)
234: what the crow is TensorFlow ? (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow)
235: epiphany of aging makes your muscles raging also known as the comic strip that can prolong your life by 33 year (aging, health)
236: Apple Watch ECG now available in Europe, fatsos rejoice lack of AFib (Atrial fibrillation = irregular heartbeat) (ECG, Apple, AFib)
237: No Agenda (podcasting, podcast)
238: to keto or not to keto? (keto, diets)
239: Fools of April Fools day (Apple, Siri)
240: brutality of superficiality (beauty)
241: number one lie about society (society)
242: what is podcasting about? (podcasting)
243: money honey (money, poverty)
244: Rat rangers Endgame (rats, Marvel)
245: science defiance (science)
246: Humanosaurus Hex (conspiracy, reptiles)
247: skill set fret (influencers, models)
248: vegan justice warrior (vegans, vegetarians)
249: cannabis antennas (marijuana, cannabis, pot)
250: early investor, the socialism jester (Uber, IPO, capitalism, socialism)
251: real podcast (podcasting, broadcasting)
252: singularity posterity (singularity, ArtificialIntelligence)
253: on the stoop to infinite loop (AppDevelopment, Apple)
254: emoji harassment (emojis, harassment, emoji, eggplant, aubergine)
255: no charity for mediocrity (mediocrity, greatness)
256: she is a keeper, he better keep her (wedding, marriage)
257: smart speaker or pleasure seeker? (smart speakers, Artificial Intelligence)
258: idea regretter, not a pacesetter (mediocrity, greatness, poverty)
259: distraught robot in captcha naught (captcha, Simulation Hypothesis, robots)
260: one lick real slick (chemistry, relationships)
261: the West distressed (China, The West, manufacturing, finance, Hedge Fund)
262: God bless America and nobody else (USA, America)
263: tallism untruth (tallism, tall)
264: Moon Landing Reloaded (Moon Landing, Deep Fakes)
265: to practice is my decision, and this is what I envision (practice, theory)
266: scooter epidemic for aliens epistemic (scooters, aliens)
267: Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) of a hobby cartoonist (cartooning, Master Of Fine Arts, PTSD)
268: boiling frog analogue (5G, frog)
269: escaping stupid vaping (vaping, smoking)
270: pigs R us (men, pigs)
271: dogcasting (dogs, podcasting, doggo)
272: advertising in 1990s (advertising, 1990s)
273: automatic systematic, not erratic (systems, goals, Life Hack)
274: missing understanding preventing joke landing (comic, cartoons, jokes)
275: fat jeans (obesity, DNA, inheritance)
276: Jason the stupid (JSON, Machine Learning)
277: donations frustrations (podcasting, donations, arrogance)
278: electable scum, to which voters will succumb (elections, voting)
279: inevitability of universal basic income (Universal Basic Income, Job Market, robotics, Artificial Intelligence)
280: brainwashed by the algorithm (YouTube, advertising)
281: UK-EU freedom of movement to end (Brexit, EU)
282: Mister Apple (Apple, manufacturing)
283: bitcoin beats Swiss, falls further into energy abyss (bitcoin, crypto, cryptocurrency)
284: the last bastion of keeping it real (MSM, Fake News, MainStream Media)
285: podcasters hiding subsiding (podcasting, podcasters, Machine Learning)
286: boomers, the unjustly arrogant racists (boomers, racism, property)
287: podcasters the brownnosing masters (podcasting, Sucking Up, podcasters)
288: if experience satisfying, repetition easy and gratifying (Life Hacks, habits)
289: poor people (poverty, politics, Machine Learning)
290: apps that suck, that suck your data (apps, viral marketing)
291: demotic idiotic (UK, posh, Class System, British)
292: a dig at pig (pigs, lipstick)
293: legalization mentation (marijuana, pot, weed)
294: jeering hearing (Mueller, politics)
295: offsetting upsetting Interneting (social, trolling, Internet)
296: post-fact reality is the new normality (reality, lies, science)
297: podcasting - connecting people (podcasting, pickup, chatup)
298: but I did not mean it (tags: women, misunderstanding)
299: 15th anniversary of Daily Source Code podcast of Adam Curry, the original podfather (podfather, Daily Source Code)
300: real friends (friendship, friends)
301: social veggie warrior (veganism, ClimateChange, vegan)
302: dogkind (dogs, dog, canine)
303: hypnotic about robotic (robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Singularity)
304: can crypto free gold and silver from manipulation? (crypto, bitcoin, silver, gold)
305: waiting is aggravating (wisdoms, twitter)
306: analog dog in dialogue (National Dog Day, International Dog Day, cats, dogs, robotics)
307: Google is still evil, endangers mankind by the A.I. devil (artificial intelligence, naivety)
308: dodgy catology (cats, naivety)
309: the Melania difference (China, USA)
310: podcasting defeated blogging (podcasting, blogging)
311: How Neo and Trinity will return in Matrix 4? (Matrix, Matrix 4, Matrix Rebooted, Neo, Trinity, John Wick)
312: Oxytocin Love (Oxytocin, Love)
313: impossible mustache (Artificial Intelligence, inventions)
314: Malcolm Gladwell lied about 10000 hours (practice, talent)
315: sushi tooshie (sushi, mastery)
316: venerating creating (creating, Deep Learning, Machine Learning)
317: orange man (politics, president)
318: excitement swell is your way out of hell (Life Hacks, excitement, advice)
319: the best preparation is good motivation (writing, books, motivation)
320: ring (inktober, ring)
321: mindless (mindless, inktober)
322: bait (inktober, bait, clickbait)
323: freeze (inktober, freeze)
324: build (inktober, build, singularity)
325: husky (inktober, husky, America)
326: enchanted (inktober, enchanted, Machine Learning)
327: frail (inktober, frail, aging)
328: distractions (squirrel, focus, pomeranian, doodling)
329: wild (singularity, inktober, wild, lies, delusions)
330: artists at work (Irish, art, rat)
331: ornament (inktober, ornament, art)
332: education abnegation (education)
333: I love you like Ireland (Ireland, brexit, UK, EU)
334: - (-)
335: misfit (inktober, misfit, tattoos)
336: sling (inktober, sling, skills)
337: tread (inktober, poverty, tread)
338: treasure (inktober, treasure)
339: ghost (inktober, ghost)
340: ancient (inktober, ancient)
341: dizzy (inktober, dizzy)
342: tasty (inktober, tasty)
343: dark (inktober, dark, Dark Fate, Terminator, singularity)
344: 12 years (podcasting, anniversary)
345: coat (inktober, coat, future)
346: ride (inktober, ride, life)
347: injured (inktober, injured, bitcoin, injured pride)
348: catch (inktober, catch, women)
349: ripe (inktober, ripe)
350: banquet of inclusion (inclusion)
351: Facebook is very very very EVIL (evil, facebook, twitter)
352: the podcasting interview that is still everlasting to-do (podcasting, inventing)
353: communication constipation (understanding, communication)
354: sad fromage (brexit)
355: money honey (poverty, money)
356: conversations in mastodon nations (social, iphone, android, mastodon)
357: unexcited uninvited (excitement, passion)
358: house plants (plant, plants)
359: change resist we much (change)
360: mister xmas aka Santa (santa, spoilers)
361: frozen out of princesshood (frozen, royalty, frozen 2)
362: iPhone 5G (iPhone, 5G, iPhone 5G, Apple)
363: robotic stipulation of our simulation (simulation, robot, robots)
364: pirate (cartooning)
365: distractions (focus)
366: OK boomer (okboomers, okboomer, otg, boomer, boomers)
367: podcasters disasters: shills without nervous thrills (podcasting, podcasters)
368: troll control to major woke: trolls get through - there’s nothing we can do (trolls, trolling)
369: awestruck by cybertruck (cybertruck, tesla, elon, musk)
370: how avatar of you will become true A.I. = A.G.I. (Artificial intelligence, Artificial General intelligence)
371: nature portraiture (nature)
372: now or never (joy)
373: moral choices in podcasting” (podcasting, advertising, Away Travel)
374: Love doll gains sentience (singularity, Artificial Intelligence, robotics)
375: stepping on an ant (robotics, Artificial Intelligence, ants)
376: no soup for you (IndyRef2, Scottish Independence, Scotland)
377: everybody was Greta fighting, yet she will get Nobel prize faster than lightning (Greta, Climate Change, Global Warming)
378: you have ants in your pants (podcasting, StoryTelling)
379: Begun the Meme War has (memes, dogs, cats)
380: Lies, damned lies, YouTubers and podcasters (podcasting, advertising)
381: Cats movie is purrfect (Cats Movie, Cats)
382: Disney is Reycist (Disney, Asians, Star Wars, Ancient One)
383: Baby Yoda resist we much, we will, we must (Disney Plus, Singularity, Star Wars, Baby Yoda Artificial Intelligence)